Creator: Keyyard

Bomb is a explosive trap which deal physical splash damage on a small area. it can break your world but you can disable the destroying blocks by turning off Mob Griefing.

• Whenever a player comes close to it (about 1.5 blocks) it will explodes. Explode leve 2.5

• You can ignite it by long pressing/right click while holding a Flint Of Steels. perfect for base defending & attacking

• It deals damage depends on the distance of player to it.

• No spawns randomly, can only be spawned usign spawn eggs.

Note: Bomb Trap Add-on is FREE to use on your maps, just credit me! goes best with Spring Trap Add-on.

A Youtube Preview about it:


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ian · March 22, 2019 at 12:51 am

wha tis this block replacing i cant find it

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